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Dominion EnergyI am your warm cup of coffee in the morning and you are the red coil that heats your soup pot on a cold winter day. At night, your home shines in the glow of Dominion Energy's high-voltage and low-cost power lines.

We are looking for dedicated, professional people who pride themselves on providing superior customer service, completing sales and driving success in all facets. We are talking to and conducting interviews for a number of positions in new markets that will launch very soon, such as North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.

We are looking for interesting, independent thinkers and doers who can help us to shape a forward-looking company that is proud of its rich heritage. There is always a chance to grow and succeed at Shentel, and we are proud when people achieve more. We go to work every day to meet the need for people who have the ability to be brilliant and solve problems creatively.

Step into the ground floor and apply today for membership in the Glo - Fiber family! If you are a teenager looking for your first job and have experience, you can apply here to become part of Papa John's family.

If accommodation or assistance is required to complete the online application process, please contact us at 1-866-543-7500. Before applying, please send Bernadette Rigley (@ rigleyb _ edu) a cover letter with your qualifications, CV and contact information to her at [email protected].

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With a focus on expanding your capabilities, you can quickly become a valued technician for customers who trust you to provide high quality Shentel services. You can help to build a solid foundation for your career so that you can move forward as you do, and the knowledge you acquire makes you a valuable home service provider. Start where you are now and provide your equipment to your customers in a safe and reliable environment with a high level of customer service.

Shentel strives to enrich the lives of the customers we serve with high quality telecommunications services by facilitating large investments in technology. Our vision is to provide rural communities with access to high quality, reliable, and affordable telecommunications services at a lower cost than anywhere else in the US. Virginia Working Landscapes (VWL) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that promotes research, education and community engagement in rural and urban areas of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.

Maintenance field equipment including climbing equipment, set-top boxes and field equipment such as shovels, machete, wheelbarrow, shovel, etc.

Provide a high level of customer service and act with a sense of urgency in everything the customer does. Must be able to communicate non-verbally with both customers and company staff, such as phone calls, emails, SMS, etc.

Comply with all safety standards and procedures at all times and comply with Smithsonian COVID-19 guidelines, which may include wearing a mask indoors.

When you are on shift, you help other team members to support other jobs during their shift, such as sweeping or mopping jobs. The services you work on include getting up and washing, cleaning, sweeping and vacuuming every shift. You work in teams, as a team, with other members of the same team or as part of another team.

Certain positions at Dominion Energy may involve research into private onshore work. Interns are likely to be in a position where they interact with landowners and engage in research as a team or individually. This will allow them to acquire a variety of skills, engage in research and private cultivation in the country and network with experts in the SCBI network.